Spotlight: Erica Eddy, Women's Basketball & Softball

Spotlight: Erica Eddy, Women's Basketball & Softball

In her first season on the Lady Bears Softball team this past spring, Eddy made an immediate impact compiling a .348 batting average and .470 slugging and earned USCAA All-American honorable mention and AD3I First Team All-Independent honors as a catcher/second baseman. After making a successful return from knee surgery in the offseason, the two-time USCAA All-Academic Team member was a key reserve for the Lady Bears basketball team, appearing in 28 games this season and scoring a season-best 11 points in the win over HVIAC foe New Rochelle. 

About you

Name: Erica Eddy
Year: Senior
Hometown: Middle Village, N.Y.
Sport: Women's Basketball & Softball 

I came to St. Joseph's because…

I was unhappy at the school I attended my freshman year  in Massachusetts and I was looking for a different environment

Your major…

Criminal Justice with a minor in Sociology

Summer plans… 

Playing basketball, staying in shape and working on skills for the upcoming season, spending time with friends, and definitely sleeping.

A unique/interesting talent of mine…

I can pass out while doing squats, true story.

If you could play another sport other than your own, what would it be…

 Probably volleyball. I played in high school and I do miss it.  I still have time, maybe I'll pick up another sport before I graduate.

Being a Lady Bear...

Story behind your jersey number…

It's not a number I'm particularly attached to, but I wore #5 in high school, and that was already taken.  I wore #11 my freshman year before transferring and I really didn't want to do that again, so I chose #1 just because it was like a new start for me

Most memorable moment in a Bears/Lady Bears uniform…

Was the first time I played 20+ minutes in a game after my knee surgery and finally felt healthy again after months and months of rehab and treatment.  I was so happy that the hard work paid off and I was proud of myself for not giving up. 

Funniest moment in practice/pre-game with Coach…

 Didn't actually happen in practice or pre-game, but it's too funny to not include.  We were in the team room at halftime and we were not playing well.  At all. Frank walked into the team room, got on his knees, and literally begged us to get it together.  It was supposed to be serious, but it was actually really funny and we just had to laugh.  I'm pretty sure it worked and we came back to win the game. "Find it!! I'm begging you!" -FPC

Favorite road trip so far…

Was last year when both the women's and men's basketball teams went to nationals together. We wound up having to stay at the resort for an extra day when we got caught in the middle of a snowstorm, so it was like a mini vacation.

My goal(s) for this season is/are to…

Be in better shape, continue improving my game, and most importantly, to stay healthy and injury free.

Favorite feature of The Hill Center… 

Is the locker room, it's a great place to nap.  

When I found out The Hill Center was finally open, I…

Was on my way to treatment (Thanks Oscar!).  I had already been using the training room for a while before the building officially opened, but it was still exciting news.

Reaction when you heard Starbucks and Chipotle was opening on Myrtle Ave…

I knew I was going to be broke within months of the school year starting

Speed Round…

iPhone or Android… iPhone 

LeBron, Kobe or Jordan… Jordan 

Yankees or Mets… Mets

Jets or Giants… As embarrassing as they are, still a Jets fan

Rangers or Islanders… Rangers

Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks… Dunkin

Beach or Pool… Beach

"Game of Thrones" or "Breaking Bad"… Breaking Bad

Alex or Piper (OITNB)… Still haven't started watching Orange

Twitter or Facebook… Facebook


On being social media famous... 

Number of…

Twitter followers: N/A
Facebook friends: 708
Instagram followers: 285

Follow first or follow second? Follow first

True or false? I don't post more than one Insta a day and I secretly judge people that do. 


Your favorites… 

Favorite sports team(s)… Rangers, Knicks 

Favorite TV show… The Office

Favorite SJC Professor… Professor Dehne

Favorite SJC Staff member… All of the athletics staff

Favorite quote/motto…

"Hands down, man down!" -FPC/Maciej.  "Oh yah?" –Oscar


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