Sports Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Clearance Questions

Q: I am a new student and I handed in forms to the school.  Am I cleared to play?

A: In order to participate in any varsity or club sport, the potential student-athlete needs to create an online medical profile.  Our medical forms to participate in sports are located at  Just click "Join Sportware".

Q: I am a returning athlete.  Do I have to be medically cleared again?

A:  Yes.  All returning athletes need to download and fill out forms.  You can upload them to SportsWare. 

Q:  I received a physical last year from my doctor. Can I use that?

A: No.  Please use our Athletic Physical Form.  This form must be signed by your private physician no more than 6 months prior to your first practice.

Q: I don't have a private physician.  Can I get cleared by the school's doctor?

A: Yes.  We will have specified dates for free athletic physicals.  Contact the Head Athletic Trainer for dates and times. 

Q:  Do I need medical insurance to play a sport?

A:  Yes.  All student-athletes need to provide proof of current medical insurance.  It is the student's responsibility to update the Head Athletic Trainer if their coverage has expired or changed. 

Q: I don't have medical insurance.  Can I purchase coverage throught the school? 

A: Yes.  Click on Student Health Insurance for more information. 

SportsWare Online Questions

Q: SportsWare is asking for a School ID, what is it?

A: Our School ID on SportsWare is SJCBEARS

Q: I haven't received an email stating I was accepted to SportsWare?

A: Don't worry you should be approved in less than 24hrs.  Keep an eye on your email.

Q: I am on SportsWare and I don't know what to fill out?

A:  There are two tabs along the top.  MY INFO & MED HISTORY  Please complete those sections

Q: Are there any forms I need to print out?

A:  Please download the medical forms and complete.  You can scan and upload your forms to SportsWare Online.  If not please hand in the completed forms to your Head Athletic Trainer.  

Q: What is a completed Athletic Physical Form?

A: Make sure your private physician completes both Orthopedic and Genernal Medical Sections.  Signs and dates the form along with an office stamp in the lower right hand corner

Q: I downloaded and completed the Medical Forms.  How do I submit them?

A: Please make sure your forms are signed and dated.  You can scan them onto your computer and upload the files into SportsWare.  Or you can hand them in to your Head Athletic Trainer. 

Q: I am under 18, can I sign my own forms?

A: Unfortunately No.  A parent/guardian will have to co-sign and date all your forms in person.

Sickle Cell Trait

Q: What is Sickle Cell Trait?

A: It’s a generally benign condition in which a person inherits from their parents one gene for the oxygen-carrying element in their red blood cells – hemoglobin – and one gene for sickle shaped hemoglobin. Only in situations where the body is pushed to extreme conditions, as athletes do, can the trait sometimes cause red blood cells to sickle and block blood vessels, denying oxygen to muscles and organs. 

Q: How do I know if I carry the Sickle Cell Trait?

A: All newborns in the U.S. are tested for the trait.  If you are unsure, please contact your private phyisican for more information.

Q: I have the Sickle Cell Trait, can I practice/compete?

A: Yes.  Sickle Cell Trait will not exclude an athlete from participation in intercollegiate athletics at St. Joseph’s College.  The student-athlete will be monitored during practice for fatigue and overexertion. 

Q: What documents are needed to show proof of my sickle cell trait status?

A: Documentation can be in the form of lab results and/or a note from their primary care physician (PCP) attesting to the results of a Hemoglobin Solubility test or Hemoglobin Electrophoresis test on his/her letterhead, dated, stamped with an original signature.

Q: Why did I sign the Sickle Cell Trait waiver?

A:  In order to participate in sports you either have to provide documentation of your sickle cell trait status or complete a waiver.  By completing the waiver you did not provide the sports medicine department with document and you waive your legal right if something should arise as a cause of sickle cell trait.  

Q: Do you have more information about Sickle Cell Trait?

A: Here is an NCAA flyer handed out to student-athletes along with part 1 and part 2 of NCAA videos.