Department of Athletics Names 76 to Third Bears Scholar-Athlete Team

Department of Athletics Names 76 to Third Bears Scholar-Athlete Team

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — The third annual Bears Scholar-Athlete Team was honored on Tuesday at halftime of the men's and women's basketball games, recognizing SJC Brooklyn student-athletes who achieved a 3.5 or better grade point average during either spring or fall semester of the 2018 calendar year.

In total, 76 student-athletes earned the distinction with many in attendance for the special ceremony and were congratulated by SJC President Donald R. Boomgaarden, Ph.D., Director of Athletics and Recreation James Lally, Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance and Student-Athlete Services Kayla Koch, Department of Criminal Justice Chairman and Faculty Athletics Representative Dr. Joseph Pascarella, and Director of the Academic Center, Accommodations Coordinator Kris Percival.

"We are extremely proud of the way our student-athletes continue to succeed on the fields and courts, and most importantly in the classroom," remarked Lally. "Academics will always be our top priority as a department and we are fortunate to have so many students who embrace what it means to be well-rounded student-athletes in Bears uniforms."

The athletic department would like to thank all the faculty and staff for supporting the student-athletes in their academic endeavors and congratulates the members of the 2018 Scholar-Athlete Team.


Women's Basketball (10)

Alyssa Alioto
Victoria Porcasi
Samantha Wilber
Gina Hopkins
Kelly O'Donnell
Jamie Provino
Lauren Quesada
Caitlyn Staab
Deserae Sequeira
Taylor Raccuglia *

Women's Cross Country (4)

Alexis Buchanan
Shannon Doherty
Dara Desrosiers
Maya Bayliss


Softball (12)

Theresa Armano
Alexis Buchanan
Madison Erhardt
Gabriella Fielding
Megan Finnerty *
Maria Gentile *
Ashleigh Hartwig
Victoria Mahoney
Jaden Mecham
Jessica Mecham *
Nicole Quintana
Vivian Tomovich

Women's Soccer (10)

Rebecca Bollmann
Christina Caruso
Joselyn Guaman
Merima Kokale
Julia Lavelle
Lisa Loschiavo
Anisah Molic *
Lauren Quesada
Rachel Rocha *
Deserae Sequeira

Women's Swimming (6)

Rebecca Bollmann
Kathryn Cosenza
Shannon Doherty
Jessica Gnad
Brianna Minogue
Valerie Rodriguez

Women's Tennis (3)

Ashleigh Hartwig
Denise Trerotola *
Valentina Velez Valencia


Women's Volleyball (1)

Kayla Ostermann

Baseball (6)

Daniel Egan
Steven Gengo
Vincent Juliano *
Matthew Rienzi
Adam Schwartz *
Christopher Zinser *


Men's Basketball (4)

Zachary MacDonnell
Kavan Meiner
Dimitri Sirakis
Alec Willis


Men's Cross Country (2)

Michael Kowlessar
Justin Russell


Men's Soccer (10)

Luay Alyass
Kenneth Garcia
Brandon Georges
Mateusz Georges
Pandeli Mano *
Santiago Marin
Michael Ortiz
Cesar Oviedo
Matthias Spiegel
Eric Santiago Torres 


Men's Tennis (3)

Shivam Ghai
Jack Dominics
Darrius Thompson


Men's Volleyball (9)

Timothy Boyd
Timothy Driscoll *
Stephen Eddy
Juan Herran Ocampo
Cesar Oviedo
Sean Salomons *
Juan Sandoval
Dejon St. Rose-Cuffy *
Keyshawn Wright


Dance Team (4)

Maya Bayliss
Amarfi Collado
Ashley Dietz *
Michele Vicidomini


* denotes 4.0 GPA in either semester